Royal Blue Traders

Who We Are

Royal Blue Traders is made up of two parts: our tailoring service and our sutlery tent. In both of these areas we hold ourselves to the highest standards of authenticity.


Royal Blue Traders offers tailoring to anyone that needs a new suit, regimental, or just an extra waistcoat.

We have tailored for many groups and individuals for the Revolutionary War period, ranging from British, French, and American regimentals to regular civilian wear.

In all of our work we strive to provide affordable service while ensuring that no machine stitching is showing in our final products.


Royal Blue Traders attends approximately 20 re-enactments a year. We make sure that all of our products are sourced with as many primary sources as possible.

We keep our stock as varied as possible, including a large stock of wool and linen fabrics. We also have wool, linen, and cotton tape, and we are in the process of adding a wider variety of patterned wool.

We have attended such events as:

  • The Fort at N. 4 F&I and AWI weekends
  • The Market Fair at Fort Fredrick
  • The Battle of Hubbardtown
  • Marketplace at Birka
  • Fort Niagara's F&I weekend

If you host an event, we would love to attend that as well. Please contact us and let us know the date and location.

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