About Us

Ian Graves


I grew up re-enacting in the American War of Independence (AWI) in New England. I started sewing for my group when I was a teenager, and in 2010 I sold my first piece of clothing. In 2011, I decided to make it official and opened Royal Blue Traders. 

At first I specialised in AWI reproduction clothing for the British army of 1775, then branched out to the American side, and then finally I learned French clothing. In 2013, friends of mine that owned the fabric business "Sew in the Past" offered to sell to me, and I expanded into the travelling merchant life. 

I do my best to build a fabric inventory that my customers can trust to be historically accurate. I have worked hard to become a trusted merchant in the historical community, and I hope to continue that reputation.

I work out of my home in Enfield Connecticut, with my parrot Lightbulb. I sew most of the day, every day. I am always keeping up on the latest research and knowledge of what was being worn in the AWI so that I can make sure that my clients will have the most correct garment possible. I keep my prices reasonable and fair so that our hobby is accessible to all.  I enjoy bringing the material culture of our past to life, as well as keeping historical trades alive. 



Lightbulb works hard to supervise and assist Ian to make sure every garment passes his exacting standards.